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The National Advanced rail transit Equipment Innovation Center was unveiled
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National Advanced rail Transit Equipment Innovation Center was inaugurated | Hunan Machinery Industry Association

The National Advanced rail transit Equipment Innovation Center was unveiled, Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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On November 4, the National Advanced rail Transit Equipment Innovation Center (GuoChuang Center) held a construction work promotion conference in Zhuzhou。Wang Zhijun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Chen Fei, Vice governor of Hunan Province, attended and unveiled the plaque。

Fan Shujian, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department, and Ren Aiguang, Deputy Director of Electronics Department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;Zhou Yixiang, Deputy Secretary General of Hunan Provincial Government, Cao Huiquan, Director of Industry and Information Technology Department;,Deputy Party Secretary, Mayor Yang Weiguo,He Zhaohui, Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary-general of the Municipal Party Committee,Vice Mayor Wang Wei 'an;Zhou Qinghe, Party secretary and chairman of CRRC Corporation,General Manager Fu Chengjun,Liu Youmei, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Guochuang Center director, Guochuang company general manager Li Lin,As well as the shareholder unit of the national creation center, the alliance unit,全国Leaders of 13 national manufacturing innovation centers and provincial manufacturing innovation centers under construction or already built in Hunan attended the conference。The meeting was chaired by Cao Huiquan。

In May 2016, Hunan Province and CRRC signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build a national manufacturing innovation Center for rail transit equipment。In January 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved the establishment of the National Advanced Rail Transit Equipment Innovation Center, which became the first national innovation center in Hunan Province。Guochuang Center in accordance with the "operating company + industrial alliance" mode of establishment and operation, has formed a talent team led by nine academicians such as Liu Youmei, will focus on green energy saving technology, operation and maintenance service key technology to carry out research on seven key common technologies。

毛腾飞表示,株洲将深入贯彻落实党的十九届五中全会精神和习近平总书记考察湖南重要讲话精神,紧盯科技创新前沿领域,加快突破关键核心技术,为湖南打造The "Three Highlands" contribute their strength, while continuing to consolidate and optimize the innovation ecology, and do a good job for the construction and development of the national innovation center。

Zhou Qinghe said that the establishment of the advanced rail transit equipment innovation center has far-reaching significance for China's rail transit equipment field to further enhance independent innovation capabilities, get rid of foreign technology dependence, and enhance international competitiveness, and also helps to support Hunan to build a world-class rail transit equipment advanced manufacturing industry cluster。

Chen Fei affirmed the development results of the national innovation center,希望国创中心认真贯彻习近平总书记考察湖南重要讲话指示精神,Focus on the growing needs of the people for a better life,In improving the quality of rail transit equipment products, reducing costs and so on,Continuous technological innovation,Explore innovative models,To contribute to Hunan to build a national important advanced manufacturing highland。

Wang Zhijun congratulated on the positive progress made in the construction of the national innovation center,And called for earnestly implementing the spirit of the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee,Focus on four tasks: First, adhere to the key common technology research and development positioning,Around actual demand,Improve technology supply capacity;Second, we will strengthen engineering capacity building,Improve the level of technology maturity,Create an innovation platform to enhance the competitiveness of the industrial chain;Third, accelerate technology diffusion and industrial application,Strengthen the ability of radiation driving;Fourth, we will continue to operate as enterprises,Gradually realize independent management, self-responsibility for profit and loss, self-hematopoietic, self-development。

Hunan rail transit equipment has a solid industrial foundation and good development trend. It is an advantageous industry with high industry status, large industrial scale, strong innovation ability, obvious talent advantage, complete product spectrum, complete industrial chain and strong international competitiveness in various categories of Hunan manufacturing industry。

At present, Hunan has formed an industrial cluster with Zhuzhou as the core of the whole machine manufacturing, core components, key components coordinated development.In 2015, the output value has exceeded 100 billion yuan, and many development advantages have been accumulated in terms of innovation, talents, industrial supporting, market brands, and policy support, laying a solid foundation for further enhancing the influence and competitiveness of the rail transit equipment industry in the world。

After the meeting, Wang Zhijun and his delegation visited the National Innovation Center, CRRC Plant Machinery Company, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute and other places to understand in detail the situation of technological research, market application, and scientific research team construction。

In CRRC Machinery Company, Wang Zhijun and his delegation visited the urban rail division, intelligent operation and maintenance laboratory, virtual reality laboratory, National Engineering laboratory, bogie intelligent manufacturing production workshop, locomotive division, experienced the new vehicles, and praised the high-quality development and international operation of the enterprise。

(Information source: CRRC Machinery)

National Advanced rail Transit Equipment Innovation Center was inaugurated | Hunan Machinery Industry Association

The National Advanced rail transit Equipment Innovation Center was unveiled, Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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