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Su Xuecheng: How did I get involved in robotics research?
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Su Xuecheng: How did I get involved in robotics research?| Hunan Machinery Industry Association

Su Xuecheng: How did I get involved in robotics research?Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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  From 1986 until my retirement in 2008, I worked in robotics for decades。For our kind of school, want to get the national 863 project, it is too difficult。But no matter how difficult it is, it is possible to break through, provided that you can either seize the opportunity or create enough competitiveness。In a word, hard work pays off。

  I was transferred back to Jinan from Tai 'an in 1983。Tai 'an campus scientific research is very prosperous, Jinan has no big movement。At that time, Bai Jieping, the first group of visiting scholars to return to China, often chatted with me and Ye Junzhi。They were teaching miners, interested in how to improve the shearer;I teach automation, and I'm interested in what kind of mining robot should I build。

  At that time, it was a planned economy, and major projects had to be supported by the state。In the spring of 1986, Bai Jieping, Ye Junzhi and I went to the Ministry of Coal to hear its opinion。Because Bai Jieping is Hui, looks like a foreigner, and can speak fluent English, coupled with his excellent activity ability, contact the Ministry of Coal mechanical and electrical chief engineer Geng General reception us, it is not easy, originally did not expect。

  We discussed the shearer and the robot with General Geng。Now I have forgotten what Geng said to the shearer, but I still clearly remember his views on mining robots: if you want to study robots in coal mines, the first is the shotcrete robot, the shotcrete operating environment is too bad, the health damage to workers is very big, and the waste of concrete rebound is also a lot。His comments inspired me a lot, so I decided to engage in spraying robots。

  But I didn't know anything about robots, and I couldn't even write a declaration form。What to do?

  Let's find out who's doing robots in the country。Learned that HIT, Shenyang Automation Institute, the North Institute of Technology, these units engaged in relatively early, but also better。But we don't know them。It happened that Professor Xu Xingqun of our school had taught in the Beijing Institute of Technology, and he happened to be familiar with the teacher who engaged in robotics. Through him, he contacted 3 teachers to give us lectures, and 3 of them took turns to hold a 4-week learning class. More than 20 people attended the class, and the small classroom was full, mainly teachers and postgraduates。

  Where will the money come from for the classes?Out of my graduate student grant。At that time I was still a lecturer and not qualified to teach graduate students。However, two graduate students heard that I had practical experience in the automatic control system in Xiezhuang Coal mine, and they had to follow me to do the project, and the school made an exception to agree。At that time, I did not have any conditions, and the dean granted me 40,000 yuan as equipment costs and culture costs, which only had the funds to do the class。At that time, the teacher had 20 yuan for a class, and only 80 yuan for a morning。Of course, $80 then is not the same as $80 now。The teachers were about my age and had very low requirements. According to their advice, we bought a bed, a set of bedrolls, mosquito nets and living utensils and arranged to live in the laboratory.I contact the canteen dining problem, the teacher offered to eat without me to accompany, personally ordered two dishes and a soup, and then the settlement was only 7 yuan per meal。It took 28 days of training, including travel expenses, and cost thousands of yuan in the end。Although it seems shabby now, it felt normal at the time, the teachers were very satisfied, and later we all became good friends。

  Through learning, we finally know what is going on with robots。Afterwards, he began to declare the robot project of the Ministry of Coal。The leaders of the mechanical and electrical department of the Ministry of Coal are still polite to us, but when they hear that it is a declaration robot, some people laugh。The Ministry of Coal does have a plan to build robots, they said, but not until 2020;It's decades too early to do it now。

  For three years, Lin Qiang, deputy director of the scientific research Department of the school at that time, played a great role。In 1988, Lin Qiang found Wang, director of scientific research in charge of the Ministry of Coal, and reported my situation to him in detail, saying that Teacher Su said that if he could not get it out, he would not engage in scientific research from now on。At this point, Director Wang was very moved and said that we should study it again。

  When I came back, I found something wrong with the original application。It is said that the spray robot can reduce dust and is of great benefit to the health of workers, but the economic benefits have not been emphasized。In fact, mine leaders are not only concerned about the health of workers, but more concerned about how to save money。The mine manager, in particular, was concerned about how much money he could save。So, I went to the mine to investigate, the leaders of the work area said that more than half of the slurry bounced down, and the most serious workers to do it also had more than 30% of the rebound。We calculated the economic benefits and wrote a new declaration and sent it to the coal department。

  After a period of time, Lin Qiang went to the coal Ministry to inquire again, did in-depth work, and soon called me back to Beijing to write a new declaration。At that time, there was no high-speed train to Beijing like now. In order to save the cost of accommodation, I took the night train and arrived early the next day。From the morning to noon, after lunch, then write, write more than 2 o 'clock in the afternoon, immediately to the ministry director Wang report, the next day to determine the project。

  In this process, the school leaders are very concerned about the high-tech research of our school。At that time, Dean Shen Guanghan said that you have not yet got the robot project, called "high-tech growth point", and gave 2,500 yuan as a start-up fund。

  This is a very important bit。Because when I proposed to engage in robots, the voice of doubt was not small, Dean Shen was very supportive, and gave 2,500 yuan of scientific research funds, indicating that the school recognized and affirmed this research。Then the doubts faded away。

  At that time, the Ministry of Coal management and scientific research was only to establish projects and determine the grade of projects;The allocation of scientific research funds is to divide the research funds of affiliated universities into two parts, half to China University of Mining and the other half to other universities。After the project was established in 1988, President Shen and the Scientific Research Office agreed to give 80,000 yuan to the key project of the spray robot。The school has done its best, 80,000 yuan was a big project at that time, and the National Natural Science Fund at that time was only 40,000 yuan。In fact, 80 thousand is not enough, what can we do?In 1990, my application for the National Natural Science Foundation "Research on the structure and control mode of robot in Coal mine" was approved, which was really helpful。The first declaration hit the target, and 40,000 yuan was approved for funding, so that the total funding reached 120,000 yuan。In fact, 120,000 yuan is not enough, we will use our brains to find ways to cooperate with the factory。We just found Jinan Heavy Machinery Factory (one of the 156 projects assisted by the Soviet Union at that time), the factory director and our school teacher Zheng Xiulun are classmates, we negotiated if the research and development is successful, we will transfer the factory production free of charge。In this way, the free processing was solved, not to mention that the members of the research group did not pay bonuses。

  By the end of 1991, the mechanical part was processed, which took three years, and the progress was very slow。The reasons for the slow progress and poor effect are also obvious. The members of the research group were scattered in their respective units. At that time, I, Chen Daqing, Li Yibin, Zhao Jizhu, Shi Daguang, five people and four units, were all working in their spare time。

  During the three years of development, I was very anxious and put forward a plan: the research group must be a solid unit, and all members are concentrated in one unit。However, most people in the research group oppose it, including individual leaders, so it cannot be implemented。Later, I suggested the establishment of a "robot research center", which was immediately approved by the university leaders。I made it clear at the "Center" meeting,To participate in the program, you have to be a "center person.",You're not part of the center if you're a part-time worker,Only supernumerary staff;The "men of the center" work together,Unified arrangement of work,Unified deployment;A research group is a substantive unit,Unified use of funds,The overall plan and key components are discussed together。After this change, the face immediately changed, first of all, some new full-time personnel were transferred or seconded, and the progress and efficiency were greatly improved。In this way, after 3 years of delay, the robot body helped to process by Jinan Heavy Machinery Factory completed the final assembly and debugging at a faster speed。It is because of this robot that we have the opportunity to enter the 863 project。

  It also had something to do with the situation。According to 863 expert group members said that there are many domestic experts in different occasions often questioned the 863 program set up "robot theme" rationality。In order to eliminate doubts and expand the way, Academician Jiang Jinsong, the chief scientist in the field of automation of the 863 program and the most well-known robot expert in the country, proposed at the robot theme expert meeting that China should develop robots, the most promising field should be coal mine, where the most robot should be used。At that time, it was widely believed that the environment of coal mines was harsh, heavy labor and dangerous, and robots should be used to do it。Although somewhat limited from today's perspective, it was generally accepted at the time。He may be proved right again in the future。

  But the coal mine robot how to do, Academician Jiang also do not know, he organized a research group, led by 863 expert group members, Hit robot deputy director Wang Shuguo, led the China Mining University, Changzhou automation Institute, Shenyang Automation Institute experts, to the national coal system research。Until that time, we did not know that the country has an 863 program, "plan" under the field, theme and so on。

  After a month or two, the research team came。They said they found out that we were the only ones in the mine system。This is the best news。As soon as they reported back, the 863 expert group informed us to hurry up and said that they would come to see when the experiment was done。

  In 1992, when the underground test was done, the leader of the 863 expert group came with several experts and held a review meeting。According to the advance requirements of the group leader, the review experts are mostly the chief engineers of each mine。会后,The jury found that the robot we have developed so far is not perfect,But we're working on it,That's the advantage,Proposed to combine the meeting of the chief engineer's opinions to redesign;First selected "Group Leader Fund Project" -- "Industrial Experiment and Improvement Design of gunite Robot",Fund 50,000 yuan;One year later to participate in the review demonstration,The formal project is approved after the demonstration。

  For this rare opportunity we cherish, everyone's spirit is very excited, hard to work, no holidays to work, day and night。To "try to meet the grouting process and harsh environment requirements as the principle", to the coal mine production site to consult all experienced people, Hu Feng, Zhou Wenan, Wang Mingyuan and other teachers, not far away to Shenyang, Dalian several robot experts。For fear that if it is not considered, there is a mistake, it will not pass the argument。After a year of hard work, we completed the mechanical, hydraulic and control system design as planned。

  In the second year, led by the head of the campus and the director of scientific research, the team successfully passed the review of the expert group meeting in Nanjing, and officially approved the project as the "spray robot product prototype", with a fund of 1.1 million yuan (of which 863 invested 700,000 yuan and the Ministry of Coal 400,000).。Later, 863 actually gave 800,000, and the Ministry of Coal actually gave 100,000。According to this, we draw experience, to carry out large projects, the research group must be substantive, of course, but also thanks to the support of leaders at all levels, otherwise the increase or decrease of personnel and concentration is impossible。

  This was a great joy for the whole school at that time, and also confirmed the saying that "opportunity favors those who are prepared"。

  (Note: Su Xuecheng, a famous robotics expert and winner of the second Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, is now retired。(Narrated by Su Xuecheng Collated by Tian Jing)

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Su Xuecheng: How did I get involved in robotics research?| Hunan Machinery Industry Association

Su Xuecheng: How did I get involved in robotics research?Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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